the daily show with  jon stewart colbert report huluInterestingly, I was just ruminating last night to friends about the value of having Viacom shows on Hulu, a service owned by FOX, ABC & NBC. Then this morning, we get the news that as of today, Comedy Central content will be pulled from Hulu.

This is bad news for consumers, but I honestly don’t see what choice Viacom has. Selling television shows nets the networks a fortune on iTunes, and at least on their own websites they get all of the advertising revenue from premercials and banner ads. What’s the point of licensing out their content to Hulu? It cuts into their live viewing audience, their own website and their iTunes business while offering a percentage in return as opposed to the whole profit.

Not that Apple doesn’t keep a percentage on iTunes, but at least there you’re selling the programs for $2-3 a pop.

Apparently, the door’s open for Hulu & Viacom to work together again in the future, but it honestly doesn’t make sense to me that they would unless Viacom became a shareholder in Hulu.

Source & Photo Source: Christian Science Monitor

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