The NYC based live streaming startup Livestream just partnered up with the massive newswire service Associated Press to run all of the AP’s live video streams, streams until this point I had no idea existed. The first event to be covered under the new Livestream/AP partnership? The Oscars!

Look, I could give two craps about the Oscars, but I know that there are people out there who do care about them – those people should be excited to know that they’ll be able to check out free AP red carpet coverage of the Oscars at I swear to god someone was just excited to hear that news.

The Livestream player will also be embeddable for blogs and Facebook pages for free, which will hopefully make AP/Livestream more money on advertising than they’ll lose on bandwidth.

Other Livestream partners include ESPN, NPR, Fox, Scripps, and National Geographic. Livestream’s number one competitor? UStream, which is a service you probably have heard of.

Why anyone would want to watch something live on the web, I have no idea. Isn’t the whole point of web video that we watch it when we want, be it two in the morning or in the middle of the work day?

Source & Photo Source: TechCrunch

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