Firefox’s Mobile Browser “Fennec” For Android

firefox fennec Hey, I’m using Firefox right now. I like Firefox. I think Firefox is pretty great. So it only stands to reason that I’ll also be into “Fennec,” which is Firefox’s mobile version of its veritable, hard charging browser.

Better news? It was recently spotted running on Android, my current favorite mobile operating system. This wasn’t always going to be the case – for a while, it looked like Mozilla wouldn’t put Fennec on Android because Google was going to force the program to run on the Dalvik virtual platform instead of natively on Android, a sentence which is gobbeldygook to me but will likely make sense to you, the reading public. Google relented, allowing Fennec to run natively.

At the time, Mozilla was only working on Fennec for Nokia & Windows Mobile.

Looking forward to Fennec on your iPhone? Well don’t! Mozilla’s not bothering, as they believe it’d be blocked by Apple, who would probably block it faster than a photo of a girl in a bikini. God knows they’re protective and fickle about what can or can’t run on their precious iPhone.

Source & Photo Source: PCWorld

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