Google Testing Set-Top Box

The Wall Street Journal says that Google has been testing a new set-top box to create their own schedule and find videos from around the internet and TV shows.

Google Inc. is testing a new television-programming search service with Dish Network Corp., according to people familiar with the matter, the latest development in a fast-moving race to combine Internet content with conventional TV.

The service, which runs on TV set-top boxes containing Google software, allows users to find shows on the satellite-TV service as well as video from Web sites like Google’s YouTube, according to these people. It also lets users to personalize a lineup of shows, these people said.

This could be huge, huge, huge for Google, funneling people to its vast media pool from anywhere — YouTube especially. It could also mean easily finding any free-to watch shows around the internet. I would love to be able to search for Always Sunny in Philadelphia and be brought directly to the FX site, NBC for 30 Rock and my Netflix account when I want to watch Dexter. Instead of poking around the sites, Google could ferret out all the videos I want.

That is, of course, conjecture, but not farfetched.

It also means Google ads online and on TV could get heavy rotation; which is good, Google seems to be hurting lately.

[Via Wall Street Journal (Subscription required)]

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