Nintendo DSi XLRecently, Nintendo announced the launch of a new product, the DSi XL, a Nintendo DS that boasts a screen that’s 93% larger than the previous model. It’ll launch in late March, and with it comes some more fun news: one of the first carts for the new system will be an e-book.

To be fair, it’s 100 e-books crammed together onto one cart called “100 Classic Books,” which will include entries from Shakespeare and Dickens.

Does this mark the entrant of a new competitor to the e-book reading crown? Well, not exactly – Nintendo Marketing VP Cammie Dunaway has announced that the company “has no plans” to compete with the big boys like the Amazon Kindle or theĀ  soon to be released iPad. That, and the DSi XL won’t use the same “e-ink” display scheme as a lot of e-book readers, which would mean eyestrain enters into the equation.

Still, it’s pretty cool that Nintendo’s putting out a game that’s actually one hundred books. Now if only any of them were playable…two player WiFi The Tempest, anyone?

Source & Photo Source: Christian Science Monitor

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