Download Free, Legal Music from South By Southwest

Every year, the South By Southwest (SXSW) music and movie festival attracts hundreds of best bands and thousands of fans from around the world. For the past six years, SXSW has been offering hundreds of tracks by performing artists for free. You can grab those songs individually here at the official site, or you can grab them all at once thanks to the magic of BitTorrent.

This site collects all of the available tracks into two massive torrent files. Despite the “Unofficial” name, keep in mind that all of these songs are being given away by the artists at the conference and are completely legal. The free songs from previous years are also archived on the site, so the free music you download here could keep you jamming literally for days.

If you don’t have a Torrent program installed, there are a couple of links at the bottom of the page to two of your better options. Happy rocking!

Story and Image source: Lifehacker

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