Europe, You Now Have Web Browser Freedom!

As the result of a lawsuit last year, Microsoft is now offering all EU residents a choice about which web browser their computer uses as its default. Rather than automatically setting the default browser of all Windows-based PCs to Internet Explorer, PC users will now see a “choice screen” that asks them to choose a default browser from a list of popular options, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.

There are two things I find really interesting about this story. First: the EU operates on such different legal standards that it can mandate that Microsoft must point out the existence of other browsers. Second: Is the average EU PC user so computer illiterate that they need to be told that their computer has the ability to run other web browsers? Installing a new web browser doesn’t exactly require a lot of programming knowledge or anything. Then again, I’ve heard stories about Americans calling tech support because of problems with their computer’s cupholder. I guess people are dumb all over.

Source: BBC News

J. Matthew Zoss

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