The Wi-Fi fridge has arrived. Our long national nightmare is over.

Too long have we been forced to use pitiful, criminally simple refrigerators with absolutely no Wi-Fi access whatsoever. Kids would cry themselves to sleep at night, whispering, “Mommy, why can’t my fridge communicate with the internet?” – a prayer that until now had gone unheeded.

Samsung, a company who will forever be known as “our national heroes,” has released the Zipel e-Diary, a fridge with a built in 10 inch touchscreen that’s constantly connected to the internet. The touchscreen can take notes, update and display your Google Calendar, report the news and weather, and even provide nutritional value about the food you’re making.

The display also functions as a digital photo frame, and has a memory card reader. It runs for the paltry price of $2,170 US dollars, a mere pittance for the heartbreak it’ll save you. The heartbreak, and loneliness, of not having a Wi-Fi fridge is now a thing of the past.

Source & Photo Source: Tech Ticker

Asterios Kokkinos

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