Fingerprints, DNA…bacteria? Some eggheads over at UC Boulder say they’ve found a way to accurately identify people based on samples of bacteria swabbed from said people’s mouses and computer keyboards.

Turns out, we each carry around 150 individual species of bacteria on our hands, bacteria which in turn carry a genome unique to each person. This could give forensic investigators a new way to link criminals to the scenes of crimes, even if no DNA were to be left behind.

The bad news? The process is only 70-90% accurate at this point, which is nowhere near solid enough to use effectively. Still, think about this – a smudged fingerprint, which is unusable as a fingerprint trace, still carries 100 times more data than DNA. If they can find a way to make that data more reliable, that’s essentially a gold mine of evidence – or at least one more way to shake some dumb perp down.

Take that, crime!

Source & Photo Source: PopSci

Asterios Kokkinos

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