This fancy new device promises to bring the “Virtopsy” to the world and end that messy business of cutting open every dead body.

From Swiss University of Bern, the “Virtobot” uses MRI and computer tomography — a bisecting X-ray wave reader — to glean all the information an autopsy would. It also has the benefit of storing the information immediately, allowing for diagnosis long after the autopsy without the grim task of digging up bodies long after the original autopsy.

Virtobot is the name of the forensic high-tech helpmate used at the University of Bern’s Institute of Forensic Medicine to perform virtual autopsies.

Developed as part of the National Centre of Competence in Research, Co-Me the industrial robot provides forensic doctors with a high precision, three-dimensional image of cadavers.

Digitally preserving these allows the causes of death can be established even years later.

[Via SNF | Engadget]

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