New Updates Hit Google Maps Mobile

Google is hard at work to make the Android operating system the best it can be, and part of that process is releasing constant updates to existing applications. The new Google Maps 4.1 for Android phones adds a bunch of new features, the best of which is an improved search results page. When searching for a business like the place on the left, you no longer have to zoom and tap to hunt for other results. Now you can just swipe to the side to move on to the next search result.

Along with the changes to searching, the new update adds a Google Latitude widget, which shows you which of your Latitute-using friends are where on the map. Finally, the new version of Maps also allows you to switch between multiple Google accounts if you have them – which is great, because my real identity and my “spy” identity James St. Royce have very different places we need to go!

Image and story source: Google Mobile Blog

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