NASA took eight ultra-high resolution images of the Martian surface based on public suggestions.

The NASA image gallery hosted smaller versions of the staggering images. Even in three colors the images are simply beastly.

HiRISE is the most powerful camera ever to orbit another planet. It has taken thousands of black-and-white images, and hundreds of color images, since it began science operations in 2006.

A single HiRISE image will often be a multigigabyte image that measures 20,000 pixels by 50,000 pixels, which includes a 4,000-by-50,000 pixel region in three colors. It can take a computer up to three hours to process such an image.

Despite the thousands of pictures already taken, less than 1% of the Martian surface has been imaged, NASA said.

The move is great for NASA and helps space fans feel included in some of the high tech and cloistered missions.

[Via Network World]

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