Last month we reported on the first Android car and the web-enabled fridge, so it’s our fine honor here at Technomaly to tell you about yet another fun techno-hybrid: the Google Android Television.

Sweedish firm People of Lava has beaten the others to the punch, manufacturing a television dubbed The Scandinavia. The set will come in 42, 47 and 55 inch models, and will cost between $2,000 and $2,5000 for the smallest size. The 42 inch model drops in September, with the others following shortly.

As for the Android features? Well, it’ll do the standard internet surfing and be able to provide Facebook, Youtube and Hulu access  – watching Hulu on your television is, of course, a geeky thrill. But the neat thing is that People of Lava are creating their own Android App store, which means you’ll be able to buy apps and content designed specifically for the Android TV. Pretty cool!

Source & Photo Source: FastCompany

Asterios Kokkinos

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