A bunch of “weekend warriors” are working to design a car to not only beat, but quash the current land speed record, reaching 800 mph.

The current land speed record of 763 mph was set in the 90s, but the North American Eagle team wants to use some 1950s technology to break the record.

They built the car with a junked F-104 fuselage from the supersonic jet used in the 1950s US Air Force. The fuselage — which they bought for $25,000 — is extremely aerodynamic and can hit speeds of Mach 2.8.

Still, the most impressive components of the Eagle are the features that are truly state of the art: custom designed aluminum alloy wheels—the only kind in the world that can rotate at 900 mph—and high-powered magnetic brakes that work independently from one another, allowing Shadle to steer the car at 300 mph and stop at high speeds.

The Eagle is the first vehicle in the world to utilize these developing technologies.

“We’ve stopped at 400 mph using just the magnetic brakes, and they worked wonderfully. We’re very impressed with that technology,” said Shadle, who anticipates seeing the technology used in landing space shuttles or other aircraft that continually burn up brakes.

They haven’t set a date for the speed record attempt, they are still working numerous bugs to reach the 600 mph before making their attempt.

[Via Xconomy]

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