Only one electric connection exists between the West Texas town of Presidio and the US national power grid – it was created back in 1948, and frequently fails, throwing the whole town into darkness.

Well, Presidio found a fix that’s as epic as it is ingenious – buy a huge battery. The biggest in the United States, actually – Presidio purchased the humongous sodium sulfur battery for the princely sum of $25 million dollars, and has earned the local nickname of “BOB” (for “Big Ol’ Battery”).

The battery can store up to four megawatts and can run the town by itself for about eight hours, which is just enough time to fix the town’s only external transmission line.

Before BOB showed up, the town would have to pull energy from Mexico – the new battery should allay such needs, as well as providing the pretty cool national landmark that is “Nation’s Biggest Battery.”

Source & Photo Source: PopSci

Asterios Kokkinos

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