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It could be a deciding moment in the Flash wars that have inflamed internet users for so long, but Flash animation has successfully been dropped into HTML5.

Adobe’s export tools deliver a snippet of code for web designers to simply drop into their design — allowing all those devices that can’t run flash to see all the annoying Flash banners they want.

This is a great step and could mean all those great little Flash puzzle games and news interactive will find their way to the iPad, and all the other mobile devices that simply don’t run Flash.

The functionality will come along with the new version of Flash, CS5, when it launches.

[Via 9to5Mac]

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  • Sorry, Seth got it wrong… better context around that video is in John Nack’s original post from last year:

    The actual CS5 release materials don’t describe a similar “Paste as CANVAS”, but the relase does include strong support for FXG and XFL, either of which is a parseable intermediary format.


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