Online streaming television content has changed the way many of us watch TV, and no site has had more of an impact than Hulu. The streaming TV hub currently offers content from several networks for free, with the primary restriction being a steady cycling of new and old programming. According to sources “with knowledge of the plans,” Hulu will soon be unveiling Hulu Plus, a paid subscription service that will allow greater access to older shows for a $9.99 monthly fee.

Personally, I’d be more than willing to pay $10 a month to access older content, provided that said monthly fee allowed me access to complete archives of shows I enjoy. Currently, most shows on Hulu make the five most recent episodes available. Upping that nominally to the 10 most recent shows wouldn’t be worth it, but I might even drop my Netflix account if you made complete seasons available. And would it kill you to get some Law and Order episodes up on the site? I need to keep up on New York City’s war on crime!

Image and Story Source: Lifehacker

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