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Energy Star 4.0 goes into effect for HDTVs, puts 'em on a diet

If you’ve bought an HDTV in the last few years, chances are that it’s sporting the Engery Star logo that certifies it as a energy efficient device. However, it looks like future HDTVs will be even more efficient. The new Energy Star 4.0 ratings are now in effect. All TVs manufactured as of May 1 must meet stricter regulations to earn the Energy Star status and in 2012 the even tougher 5.0 rules come into effect, which will drop the maximum consumption by an additional 40 percent.

For now, the 4.0 rules drop energy consumption by 40%¬† from the 3.0 rules (so the upcoming 5.0 rules will require TVs that are 80% from the 3.0 rules, obviously). Under the new rules, a 50-inch set can consume 153 watts max (compared to 318 in the 3.0 world) and a display that’s “off” can use no more than one watt. The nature-loving Na’vi will be proud as you watch Avatar on your energy-efficient screen.

Source: Engadget

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