Some crafty Germans used their love of guns and efficiency to create an autonomous robot that paints with paintballs.

The Facadeprinter is a simple, software controlled robot. It consits of a two axis turn table and an airpressure printhead. The printer shoots the artwork from a distanced position dot by dot onto the chosen area.

According to this method inaccessible and also uneven surfaces can be printed on. Buildings can be displayed without costly scaffolding.

The people behind the Facadeprinter really push how efficient it is to put up billboards or art on any wall without actually painting.

At five paintballs per a second, the Facadeprinter can put a massive 8 meter dot image on a wall in no time.
Designed by Sonice Development GmbH, the printer can only print one color, but as the video shows, it’s easy to load up another hopper for multicolored projects.

Check out the Facadeprinter site for a huge collection of works and more information.

[Via MAKE]

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