This may be the best Flash game ever, well at least the most satisfying one I have played in a very, very long time.

It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s sometimes a challenge and who can argue with crushing stuff with a catapult?

Here’s the premise: smash castles with rocks and bombs and get medals. I know, it’s my dream job too.

I didn’t play the original, only the player-made sequel, but it was fantastic.

At the beginning, you have a big map to conquer, and with each territory you crush, you get new ammo for your catapult. You start with a single or triple rock, go on to big rocks, little bombs then finally a single huge bomb.

And for you hardcore Flash gamers, don’t bother going for gold on every level with your crummy little rocks. Once you get the big bomb you can return to all those castles that robbed you of a perfect score and bomb the crap out of them.

I must say returning to the earlier levels with the big bomb made me giggle with glee.

Play Crush The Castle: Players Pack or the original Crush The Castle over at Armored Games.

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