I sleep like crap, too much caffeine and too many video games to play put sleep on the back burner.
But if I had this sweet bed, I think I could stop both — and I would probably have to since it would cost a fortune.

Designed for extreme insomnia sufferers, the “Once Upon a Dream” project bed was designed by French furniture designer Mathieu Lehanneur to be more than just soft and cuddly. The bed actually uses white noise and other sounds that create sleep-like brainwaves.

The bed features curtains that automatically close prodding the user to sleep. The temperature and lighting levels are dropped gradually, while levels of gentle white noise rise to block out external sounds. The purr sound created by adding together barely audible frequencies is used to put certain patients into a Non Ordinary State of Consciousness (NOSC) prior to telepathic experiments.

The temperature of the over all room is reduced to between 2° to 19° C. The light dimmers can be activated with a touch by the user, with the help of a plant hanging over the bed. Within a span of fifteen minutes the light dims from 1000 Lux to 0. The bed also has a provision for waking the user through increasing temperature by two degrees and light levels from 0 to 2500 Lux in fifteen minutes.

The bed was created based on extensive research on psychology on insomniacs.
So next time you’re at the Hotel du Marc in Reims, France, try it out and get some techy sleep in a huge fancy bed.

[Via World Interior Design Network]

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