T to the G to I and the F — it’s Friday folks, finally.

So what are you going to do to kill time this weekend? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, play this sweet Flash game again.

Flash games are seriously lacking in good RPGs and tactical games, but Dragon Age: Journeys does both near flawlessly.

The game launched in anticipation of Dragon Age: Origins and captures that gruesome, adult and sometimes challenging spirit of the game very well.

Basically, you’re some guy or girl on some fantasy quest — I don’t want to spoil it and couldn’t if I wanted to (I skipped all the story like a real man). And lo and behold some glowing badass attacks you and sends you fleeing to town.

From there, you have to assemble a party kill monsters and do quests until your strong enough to face the glowing badass again. The whole thing is a straight forward Mage, Rogue, Warrior fantasy game, but it’s executed very well.

The combat is incredibly fun, it’s set up on a tactical map. You have to move around to dodge arrow and long-range spells and keep in range of your healer. There are a ton of area-effect abilities and spells to keep you corralling the baddies and really thinking about strategy.

There are several different types of monsters to slay and tons of equipment to find and buy.

It’s not incredibly long, which is probably a good thing, but long enough to be engrossing. The first time I played it, I zoned out at work for two days to beat it — oops.

After beating it and completing achievements, you can unlock items for Dragon Age: Origins.

It also has the most depth I’ve experienced in a Flash game, not only does each class have it’s own play style and features, but each specialization does too. This means a ton of re-playability to play around with the sweetest spells and skills.

But hey, you’ve already wasted enough time reading this, go play Dragon Age: Journeys: now.

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