Will the Next Apple TV Cost $99 Bucks?

Engadget is reporting a rumor about the next version of Apple TV this morning, and it’s a big one. The gadget site has received a tip that’s been “confirmed by a source very close to Apple” about the next version of Apple TV. The next version of the device will be a complete reinvention, but it’ll look pretty familiar to Apple fans – the next version of Apple TV is based on the iPhone 4 architecture.

Described as an “iPhone without a screen,” the new version of the Apple TV will have the same internals as the upcoming iPhone revision, including  an A4 CPU and a 16GB of flash storage. That’s a sizable decrease in storage space from the last Apple TV model, but that’s because the device will focus on cloud-based storage of videos with instant-on 1080p HD streaming. But the kicker to it all is that the device will supposedly carry a mere $99 price tag.

A one-hundred dollar device that brings streaming HD video content to your TV, as well as iPhone-like app support? If true, this is going to be huge.

J. Matthew Zoss

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