U-Socket is Genius

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d get really excited about a wall outlet. Then again, I never thought I’d see a logical update to the classic three-prong plug-in. U-Socket adds two USB ports to your wall outlets, giving you extra slots to charge up your gadgets when all the USB ports are full. The USB ports only output energy when something is connected to it, earning the U-Socket an Energy Star rating.

This might be a simple idea, but it’s a great one. USB is quickly becoming the standard charging connection for every type of gadget out there, and with half of my PC’s components also connected by USB, I never have enough ports to charge my phone, iPod or other electronic toy. The U-Socket will work in standard electrical boxes, so you can bet I’ll be picking up a few when they release in October.

Via Lifehacker

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