Earlier this year, a PS3 firmware update opened the way for 3D gaming using the Sony console. The problem is that you also need a 3D TV set to go with it, preferably one from the Sony Bravia Line. Be my guest if you want to be an early adopter and buy such a TV right away, but you’ll have to pay up to five grand to REALLY dodge a bullet while playing. As some market experts say, the prices will go down and eventually 3D gaming will go into mainstream and inside every gamer packed living room in the nation. We can expect also a change in the way games are designed because of the 3D factor, as developers got hooked on the technology. But the entire buy-o-rama of consoles, TV sets and games is dependent on the quality of entertainment they can offer to gamers; they might choose to lag an era behind and enjoy fine tuned gaming from three months ago.

Via: http://www.technewsworld.com/story/Sonys-PS3-Can-Play-3-D—All-You-Need-Is-a-3-5K-TV-to-Go-With-It-70184.html


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