A group of scientists from the American Psychological Association recently announced that violent video games don’t cause violent behavior. We already knew that, but it’s always better when people with college degrees back us up. They gathered up a group of 118 teenagers ( I guess there were some precious Justin Bieber karaoke moments too) and observed that, for the vast majority, playing video games is pretty much safe. Gaming can negatively affect only those predisposed to violence in the first place due to the presence of personality traits such as “anger”, “depression”, “acting without thinking” and “typically breaking rules”. Also, it seems that playing video games actually has good effects, especially on kids and teenagers, solving some behavior problems and improving results in school tests (well, duh, you don’t become a level 90 shaman if you can’t mingle with the elves). So girls, feel free to flirt with gamers, they’re not sociopaths with a death wish (on a second thought, maybe you should avoid those living in the 2167 season of fantasy football).




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