Quick! What do you know about Germany? No, not that! And no, it’s not cool to talk about THAT short dude over and over again! Well, the thing you should know about Germany is that they are developing humanoid robots. Yes, humanoid robots, the awesome add on for our everyday lives ten or fifteen years from now.

At the Humboldt University in Berlin, an industrial design company named Frackenpohl Poulheim working for a lab named ALEAR Laboratory of Neuro Robotics develops MUON, a humanoid robot as tall as an 8 year old (but way cooler). It sure looks cool with that huge eye occupying the entire face (or is “face” an obsolete term?) and the slick, blue leds inside the robot’s knees and hands. There is no word about the actual benefits the robot would bring (beside being awesome), but we can anticipate that it could be used for therapy, commercials and Michael Bay pics (and, considering the hands, to be the coolest cup holder available).

Also, it’s not clear in which development stage the robot is (I wonder if there’s a search for beta testers). Don’t forget to check the german link bellow (hail to Google translate) and read all about the idea behind Muon and watch a cool making of video. I hate that there’s not a “preorder now” button anywhere on the site.

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/19/muon-the-humanoid-robot-is-our-ideal-best-friend/

and http://www.frackenpohl-poulheim.de/projekte/myon-roboter/


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