A group of researchers from MIT developed a sensor and laser based system that can replace a normal mouse. All you have to do is pretend you have a mouse (move your palm, click) and an infrared laser beam and a video camera (both embedded in your computer) will detect your movements and transform them into mouse specific commands. The project is named “Mouseless” and the prototype costs 20 dollar to build. This invention is a new installment in a series of breakthroughs aimed at developing new technology able to master old technology, as David Wingdor, user experience architect at Microsoft, says.

Considering that mouse technology is widely available and very cheap, the chance of the Mouseless project for worldwide acclaim could be, plainly, the awesomeness of the concept. It won’t be long until we would have packed coffee shops with dozens of people pounding the table like in an intensive Morse code course. Gadgeteers will probably love the idea, as themselves are part of the gadget and technology is so “organic”. Also, it’s a way to save some space (although you can find tiny mouses shaped like some endangered species). On the downside I would say that there’s a chance for some injuries from repeatedly bashing fingers on a table , especially for those caught up in frantic gaming (Star Craft 2 here we come).

Source: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2010/07/computer-mouse-invisible/


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