The people over at Youtube announced this weekend during the VidCon that their players will support the 4k resolution videos, which is (yes) four times larger than 1080p (and twice as much as IMAX). The ideal screen to watch a 4k video must have 25 feet (that’s alright, I’ll just turn my bedroom wall into an LCD). As most of us aren’t yet fully accustomed with normal HD so to say when streaming, this breakthrough sound really awesome, but at a second glance you realize that you need a way faster connection (“light speed” as Ramesh Sarukkai from Youtube says) than the one you probably have right now and a display to go with it(are there any displays available in regular stores able to handle this resolution?). You would probably end up investing more in streaming 4k video than in a state of the art console system (or a wedding or a car).

Youtube put together an initial playlist of five videos which can be seen in a 4k resolution and if your connection and gear can take it, go right ahead and let us now how it was. I guess that someone could open a 4k theme bar where people could watch youtube vids and have cocktails. I always wanted to watch CC Catch clips at the craziest resolution available.



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