Should Gadget Lovers Buy iPhone 4?

The lush and feature rich iPhone 4 has hit the US and Canadian markets with high sales numbers for Apple Corp. However, as a prospective buyer one should also confront the odds or cons of buying an iPhone 4. Already the initial users of the device have been facing reception concerns in their iPhone 4. The Wi-Fi connection on iPhone 4 looks to be weaker too and recently Apple Corp has announced a free protective case for iPhone 4 users because of death grip. iPhone 4 is studded with robust features such as Face Time, 5 MP camera, better battery life and better iOS4 but are these features practical?

International markets such as Asian markets are still to leverage from 2G or 3G networking, leave apart the 4G platform. HD interface is still growing in International markets and people are not keen or either the internetworking infrastructure is not proper to support such high end operations. Therefore, a buyer should ensure that they would be able to leverage most of the features of studded iPhone 4 and then decide to purchase the best in class communication device on the go. If you haven’t used an iPhone before, the touch screen takes some getting used to before you can dial phone numbers with ease.


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