Apple iPhone 4 Should Be Your First Choice

The communication masterpiece, iPhone 4 has been release by Apple on June 7, 2010. It promises to be one of the best and robust iPhone so far. It is 9.7 inch in thickness, making it at least 25% thinner than the previous iPhone 3GS and one of the sleekest smart phone models available. IT is jam packed with best in class resolution, on-screen and high definition dual camera system. With iPhone 4 one can do more in less time and in an effective manner on the go in a seamless manner all the time. The frontal camera is VGA based while the backlit LED display cam is 5MP. Once can get to record and edit HD videos on the best in class communication master piece, iPhone 4. On the price front too, iPhone 4 seems to have made it look decent. It is available in two models – 16GB and 32 GB. The 16 GB model is available for $199 while the 32GB model can be grabbed for in $299. Over all iPhone 4 promises to be one of the best smart phones that people have waited for so long,

The video conferencing and calling facility is perhaps the biggest USP of iPhone 4. With a single tap of a button, users can place call amongst each other. The frontal camera comes to use while the video calls are under way. This can provide best in class opportunity for one and all to communicate with their teams remotely and at the same time share the content in the real time. Apple has referred this feature as Face Time. One can benefit from video calling facility without any download of third party software. It has been anticipated that service providers such as Skype would take a hit from this competitive landscape offered by Apple to its users. It can help connecting the world in a better manner. For instance, a parent who is travelling abroad can get to view the party that is being held in their home for their child’s birthday. Vivid pictures and high quality of video can be shared and viewed by one and all over their best in class iPhone 4 in just about no time.  The on screen resolution is 960X640 which is double than that of iPhone 3GS which was at 490X320. iPhone 4 has been packaged with better and longer battery life. As a result video calling and conferencing features can be exploited in a far better manner and for longer durations on the go.

From a customers, point of view they could actually end up saving substantially through video calling, Face Time feature of iPhone 4. The world would converge for those who have the power of iPhone 4 on the go. There are endless exploration possibilities through iPhone 4. One can easily benefit from video calling facility of iPhone 4 in a competitive and yet effective manner. iPhone 4’s video calling facility would be brisk and fast on 3G or 2G network on the go.


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