Top Features of iPhone 4

iPhone 4 is all set to change the rules of the game in the telecom market space. The communication masterpiece has been packed with world’s best in class technology and high class redefining resolutions. Apart from some of the most sought for features such as real time video calling and sleeker design, iPhone has the feature to record and edit HD mode videos. This can translate into recording and saving high class true picture videos on one’s iPhone 4 in just about no time at all. A simple tap button can be used to record the HD videos on iPhone 4. And that’s not all! Videos can be edited then and there in no time. In order to finish the videos into a movie, custom music can be dragged and dropped in the video or themes could be added and the movie can be made. To benefit from this smarter feature users are required to download the iMovie app from Apple’s store. Music and themes can also be downloaded from iTunes store or users can simply sync their MAC or transfer it from the Internet. Making a HD movie with iPhone 4 can be a lot fun and ease at the same time. The HD feature is enhanced to manifolds as the integrated camera in iPhone 4 is 5MP and it can reproduce most vivid pictures and capture the minutest of the details in no time at all. The simple tap features can be used to focus on foreground or background on the go.

HD video recording and editing is one the unique highlights of iPhone 4 release. It can redefine the way users have communicated and shared information with each other. Apart from recording, editing and creating HD movies one should realize that Apple has been able to reciprocate high class on-screen resolution. The robust iPhone 4 is powered on iOS4 and the screen is so vivid as it used the LCD’s technology. The real time recording and viewing of HD pictures can bring ultimate joy to one and all. The most thumping natural and adventure videos can now be easily recorded in iPhone 4 in just about no time at all.

The much appreciated aspects about iPhone 4 has been its competitive pricing. The 16GB model would be available in $199 while the 32GB variant can be bought from the Apple store in $299. The longer battery life of iPhone 4 can enable more HD versions to be recorded in a seamless manner. iPhone 4 has the richness of supporting various connectivity features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WLAN etc. The HD recorded videos can be instantly shared over YouTube or other popular video networks. One can socialize and gain compliments endlessly with the help of iPhone 4. The fully integrated interface and smarter features have ensured in better usability and features on the go. iPhone 4 is expected to give tough time to the HD cam coder manufacturers apart from the related competitor in phone market space in 2010.


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