HTC Desire

Another handset has been spotted, alike to the very high-end HTC EVO 4G, the HTC Desire HD, also known as the Ace. It was traced by the retailer SuperETrader last month. Rumors suggest that it’s an Android OS 2.2 smartphone that will be built around a 4.3-inch touchscreen.

According to leaked reports, the phone has the following features:

  1. 8 Megapixel Camera
  2. 1 GHZ Qualcomm Processor
  3. 4.3 inch WVGA Touch Screen
  4. HD 720p Video Capture
  5. Android 2.2
  6. Xvid Video Playback
  7. SRS Surround Sound
  8. Adobe Flash 10 Support
  9. 4GB Internal Memory (up to 32GB)
  10. Uni-Body Aluminium Design

For some, the handset also sports touch-sensitive buttons of the Incredible and the super-sized form factor of the EVO 4G. This handset is expected to launch in October and will replace the original Desire in HTC’s successful Android handset lineup.


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