Samsung PL90 Digital Camera

Samsung has revealed a new range of cameras, the Samsung PL90. The most attractive feature of this camera is that it offers a pop-out USB connector that lets you offload files and charge the battery without having to use a cable. Let’s find out what other praising things does the camera spots.

Samsung PL90 includes:


  1. Can shoot pictures at up to 12.2 megapixel resolution
  2. Features 4x optical zoom
  3. 2.7-inch 230K TFT LCD
  4. Movie mode at 640 x 480 @ 30/15fps
  5. Dimensions 98mm x 57mm x 18mm
  6. VGA 30fps video recording
  7. Image stabilization
  8. Lens: f = 5.2 – 19.7mm, 29- 116mm equiv.
  9. Priced at $149.99
  10. Minor features: Smart Auto function, Beauty shot, Face Detection, Self Portrait mode, Smile Mode and Blink Detection.


  1. Like most low-end cameras, the PL90 doesn’t provide the benefit of manual controls.
  2. The PL90 will shoot 640-by-480 standard-definition video at either 30 or 15 frames per second and may not impress you if you are in habit of high end cameras.

Software Benefits:

  1. Plugging in the connector to any computer charges the camera and can automatically install the Intelli-studio software for accessing and sharing camera data.
  2. The Samsung PL90 features Samsung’s new Smart Auto (Still & Movie) technology which enables you to capture the perfect picture in virtually any conditions.
  3. The Samsung PL90 features Samsung’s Perfect Portrait System which includes several modes to help users take better photos. With the Self Portrait function, users can step out from the behind the camera and know they will be in focus because the camera tracks the subject’s face and alerts the user with an audible noise when the subject is in frame.


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