HTC Magic Review

The HTC  is a slam dunk in the world of cell . This phone is just as HTC says it is; “simply better”. Take a  and check out the features of this phone with the popular android system.

The first thing that  say about this phone is that they either like the looks or hate it. You need to make up your own on that part. The screen is 3.2 inches and you have an on-screen keyboard. The HTC Magic came out in February of 2009 and still has the LCD screen as opposed to the newer OLED screens. Nevertheless it is has good resolution for an LCD screen of its size and is rated for HVGA.

The phone is good for those who like to use just one hand on their phone. The trackball  that comes with the phone allows you to keep one hand free while scrolling through the applications. You get your choice of two colors; white or black. The cover is created with plastic. It holds up against smudges fairly well even in the black model.

The camera is a 3.2 megapixel version. This is sufficient power for many photos, but not enough clarity to match some other popular phones like the google phone and some from Nokia. It does have video and you can upload them to youtube from the phone.

The “darling” of the HTC Magic is of course it unique operating system made by google, the search engine. Major updates will hopefully be added in the future, as this phone can not handle much with the somewhat lackadaisical 528 megahertz processor. A few years ago, that would have been enough for a powerful smartphone, but not today, and not with this operating system. Speaking of hardware specifications, the HTC Magic also comes with 192 megabytes of RAM ( Random Access Memory ), and 512 megabytes of bundled storage. You can expand this with a MicroSD card, like many smartphones. This smartphone includes instant messaging from Windows Live, Yahoo, AOL and of course Google Talk. Google Maps with Street View is included as a part of android.

With all the new bells and whistles, you still have a phone to make calls with. You also have Wi-Fi capability and bluetooth. You are thankfully provided with a micro USB connector so you can communicate with your other digital devices. The web browser is based on WebKit. This is a browser similar to Safari and is high quality. This phone is a great over the G1, the very first android phone.


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