Denon PMA255UK Amplifier Review

Denon  have a reputation in the market. This is a famous company, which has been high quality amplifier. Denon PMA255UK is one of the best products with and quality features. It has a very sleek and slim design and it can be placed in a very small area. The audio amplification of this amplifier is terrific and the stereo output provides better output when used with high audio output power.

The features of Denon PMA255UK include 50 RMS wattage, 60 watts power audio, 4 lines input, tone controls and one tape circuit. The new  also provides better load handling and superior power bass.


  • New UK circuitry design
  • 30 WPC x 8 ohms
  • 50 WPC x 4 ohms
  • Tone controls with key design features having straight line bypass
  • Low distortion transistors
  • Short path design with high current
  • Custom made ELNA audiophile power supply reservoir caps
  • Components of audiophile in feedback paths and drive
  • Selected silken electrolytic bypass caps
  • 15 polypropylene film caps
  • Symmetrical pure power amplifier design

Denon PMA255UK amplifier delivers best performance in sound and its features. The cost  of this product is around 150 including VAT at 17.5 %. Do not wait. Get it soon! You can also get custom trading pins of your  brand to show your loyalty support.


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