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The new ipod touch has been updated to a higher level. If you have not seen the recent changes, take a quick look at this review article. Here we will talk about the ipod touch and some of the popular games that others are finding exciting to play.

The ipod touch is a great little device that can do more than just play games. It can play music and videos also. The small and thin outline that this ipod has is a marvelous way to take your games and other entertainment with you. You can share some games over the Wi-Fi connection that the ipod touch also has. This makes gaming twice as fun ! This device only weighs just over four ounces and is barely over a half inch in depth. It fits in many places even a cell phone will not. What are some of the games that the ipod touch has ?

 One ipod touch game is Topple. Topple is similar to the old standby Tetris and involves stacking and balancing blocks. Topple has been called one of the most addicting games that the ipod has. Another is one of my favorites; “Pinball Dreaming”. You already know what this games does by its name, but it is a remastered version of the classic Amiga arcade simulation. This is another addicting game you will love to play. A very unique game is called Touchgrind. This is a game where you play skateboard but you use your finger on the screen of the ipod touch to pull off stunts and tricks. This game takes some skill and again, you will find yourself mesmerized with the fun this games brings.

 “De Blob” is next on the list of popular games for the ipod touch. This is an action puzzle title that will allow you to explore and liberate a city from the evil monochromatic corporation that bans all color from life. This game is visually stunning and more than likely another candidate to steal your time. Another of my favorites is GTS World Racing. If you like racing cars, this game will become one of your favorites. This is a satisfying game of skill and is recommended for those who like the game called “Pole Position”. The graphics are superb in this game and you get your choice of 64 track layouts. With this particular game you can steer, brake and accelerate using the accelerometer. You just turn the ipod touch and you are driving the car. A very exciting game indeed.

Games on the ipod touch are available at the Apple “app store”. Some are cheap and some are not. Whatever you spend, you will have fun. Take a closer look at the new ipod because Apple has not only improved the features, but given the ipod a battery that will last up to six hours on video and 36 hours on audio. You will have hours and hours to play your games now.


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