New iPhone 3GS

The latest offering from Apple has the iPhone updated to a faster and a bit leaner design. What are the latest updates to the iPhone ? Check it out here in this review article on the new iPhone, the 3GS.

You may not have noticed it but the new iPhone 3GS weighs just a bit less than the older iPhones. This is a big strange since the newer 3GS is also larger than its predecessor. But the basic dimensions are hardly a difference that can be noticed. The newer model iPhone is just a millimeter thicker than the earlier models. The screen has more performance with the 3G S, but the size has not changed. The latest model has a screen that reveals an impressive 16.7 million colors. This makes the screen much more life-like and videos and photos are rendered more naturally.

One setback for the iPhone 3G S with its new abilities is that the battery is drained faster than the older models. The 600 Megahertz processor is hungry for power and drains the battery faster than usual. The old iPhone had a talktime of eight hours, the newer model can handle just five hours of talk time. This may mean you will need to carry an extra battery with you. If this is unacceptable there are extended life batteries available that will help with the short talk time. 600 Megahertz is becoming a normal speed for mobile devices these days so battery technology will need to catch up soon.

 This new iPhone has twice the memory of the older model with 32 Gigabytes available to use. The internal memory is available for you to use for storage and comes in handy for photos and music. The iPhone 3G S can handle many more networks than the past models. The GSM modes include 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 networks. In addition it can also handle WCDMA 850, 1900 and 2100 networks. The older model could only handle the GSM modes.

There is no doubt you are going to enjoy this new iPhone 3GS. With twice as much memory as before you may never fill it up. The popularity of this Phone has not died down since it was introduced back in 2007 by Apple. Take a look at this new iPhone as it has the same popular operating system and features, but this time around it can do more than ever.


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