Features Of The iPod Touch

The iPod was introduced back in October of 2001 and the iPod touch was brought in during 2007. From the first generation of the iPod touch it was a success. Here in this article we will review the features of the iPod touch and see what new things it is now capable of.

Thankfully one of the new things the iPod touch is capable of is playing games longer. The battery has a longer life and now can play audio for thirty six hours and video for six hours. This was a great upgrade to an already great player. You can play or watch or listen longer. The iPod touch has a built-in speaker so you no longer need to use head phones to hear the audio. Hands free listening is a cool addition and one that I really like.

If the iPod touch feels better in your hand now, it is not by chance. The folks at Apple have made this machine “stunningly” thin and the cover is none other than stainless steel. It looks good and feels better. This iPod will slip into your pocket super fast and take up less room than most any of your other cell phones, since it is only .33 inch ( 8.5 millimeters ) thick. It uses a flash drive so there are no moving parts. The size of the drive is huge, up to 32 Gigabytes. That is up to 7000 songs or 40 hours of video !

  The new iPod still includes Wi-Fi. You can download from the Apple “app store”. The games are plentiful and rightly so, as the competition is fierce in the games category. Developers are making games made especially for the iPod touch as you read this. Some of the games include; Asphalt 4, Rolando, Wave Blazer, Labyrinth, Topple and many others. Suffice it to say you will always have a new game to play with this player. A unique program that this uses is associated with Nike. You can track your time, distance and calories burned when you buy a special pair of running shoes from Nike. The shoes communicate with your iPod touch and even tells you with voice feedback how you are doing. This allows you to take your results back to your computer and track your jogging or workouts. You can also challenge friends with this powerful little program from Apple.

The iPod touch is advancing and more than likely you will be addicted to the new slim size and increased memory. Technology is giving us more power in smaller spaces and this iPod touch is a modern sign of progress in mobile entertainment.


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