Nokia N900 Technical Review

Get ready for some fun because Nokia is pulling out all the stops. The rumors are no more rumors because the Nokia N900 is slated to be with us sometime before the end of the year. Read this review to see what has been taking place with this great new smartphone.

The N900 is also called the Rover or the RX-51. It has a brand new killer operating system made by Maemo, which is made by Linux. The operating system is called Maemo 5 and during development was named “Fremantle”. What does this Android-killer do ? For starters, it comes with a browser from the same people who make Firefox. Firefox is the most popular internet browser. The N900 Rover has a regular hardware keyboard, but you have one more on the screen using Maemo if you prefer to use it. The screen is delightfully responsive and is the resistive touch variety, not the capacitive touch that the Apple products have. One feature of the Maemo operating system is you can keep track of everyone at Facebook with one glance at the N900. Copy and past is allowed in all menus.

The hardware is of good quality with the N900. Nokia has given this device a nice keyboard. It is a full QWERTY keyboard and extends from the side, not from the bottom. This is a great choice, because it gives you more room to type. The keyboard also comes with directional buttons ( arrows ) just like your laptop or home PC. If you were wondering, yes this device is a true mobile computing device that also happens to make phone calls. The processor runs at 600 Megahertz and with the magnitude of memory on board you will not be disappointed with the performance. The N900 has 32 Gigabytes of built-in storage, and 48 Gigabytes of storage available with a MicroSD card.

The camera in the Nokia N900 is of good quality. It weighs in at five Megapixels and includes video. The lens uses the famous Carl Zeiss optics and has a lens cover to protect it. This is a great option to help prevent the scratching of the lens. It uses a Micro USB connection for charging. The networks available to this smartphone are GPRS, GSM and HSPA ( data, no voice ). A sim slot is included. A 1320 Milliamp hour ( mAH ) removable battery sparks up the machine.

Once you are bitten by the performance of the operating system of the N900 there is no going back to the other so-called “smart” phones. This one is smarter than yours. If you are a power mobile user, there is no doubt that a N900 ( or something like it ) is in your future.


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