How To Uninstall AWM AntiVirus Virus – Removal Guide

AWM Antivirus is a pseudo application which can install harmful Trojan horses and other malicious scripts in the PC systems in just about no time at all. It gets activates once Windows logs off and restarts. It will throw warning messages to the users and indicate that the system is affected with the virus attack and the full version of AWM should be bought in order to clean the PC systems. This is a scam attempt which is channelized by hackers and intruders. You should never lose your money in quest of buying a malicious product for removing a virus file. Some of the pseudo warning errors that users are confronted with are highlighted in the following picture:

The messages such as, “Warning! Your System needs to be cleared! It is highly recommended you clear your PC from existing threats right now”. The pseudo scripts detect errors and prompt users to take apt actions in removing the listed viruses on the go with AWM antivirus solution in a seamless manner. The users should be prompt and be informed of not to act as per the suggestions raised by the automated scripts of registering or buying the product. In case you have already bought the product then the credit card company should be contacted in order to cancel the order. The virus can be successfully removed and uninstalled from the PC system if the following steps are followed:

Step 1

In order to ascertain that you do not lose the information mentioned in a procedural way, ensure to take a print out of this document. Some of the installations require that all applications should be closed before those can be successfully installed on the go.

Step 2

AWM antivirus might install pseudo services which can prevent any download to complete or even start off. The users might be required to get the installation files on the USB and DVD/CD drives and then load applications on the PC systems.

Step 3

Users should download application. It will end all malware processes including that of AWM application. The application can be downloaded and saved on the Desktop.

Step 4 application should be initiated in order to end all malicious processes that have been affecting the PC’s performance on the go. As, is initiated AWM Antivirus might warn users that might be a potential virus. These pseudo warnings should be ignored. will display a black command prompt window and automatically close itself. At this point the PC should not be restarted. Upon restart it will again install AWM scripts on the go.

Step 5

Malware Bytes should now be downloaded and installed on the PC system in order to ensure that all infections and malicious processes are completely removed from the device. All applications should be closed before the installation is successful.

Step 6

It should be installed by clicking mbam-setup.exe file. The default options will automatically be installed on the PC system. Users should choose amongst the simple to use instructions.

Step 7

Users should select Perform Full Scan option from the main screen of the program. The scan button should be hit by the users for the software to run through comprehensive scan in the system.

Step 8

After the scan is complete one can click the Show Results button. The malicious entries will be listed as depicted in the image below:

Step 9

For removing the malicious entries from the PC system, Remove Selected button should be clicked. While these are getting released from the system the PC would reboot.

Step 10

After a successful scan PC system becomes free from AWM attack.


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