. How to Unhide Hidden Start Menus on Windows XP, Vista or 7

Start menu is convenient in use as it displays almost all the areas of the computer.  You will be able to cover your entire computer merely with the start menu. It gives you access to all the software and application in your system and so finding files and documents on your system won’t be tough. Conveniently, there is a search and run option too on the window’s start menu.

But unfortunately, in some systems; start menu is hidden by default. And in that case, you will need to unhide or restore the hidden start menu on your windows operating system which may be XP, Vista or 7. This is because, without start menu it will really be difficult to find certain file locations or search for some important applications and files. Also, you may find it difficult to log off or turn off your computer especially if you are not aware of the commands and shortcuts.

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Some people may mistakenly click on some keys and with which they might have lost access to start menu in windows. If they are not too good at restoring things on windows they may panic and feel that something is wrong with their system. Some people may even go to the extent of making immediate and urgent calls to their computer engineers. But, there is no need to do all this or panic. You should learn a few simple and basic steps that will guide you in restoring your start menu again.

It is therefore vital to follow some simple steps with which start menu can be restored. And if you want to do that, follow the procedure as given below. With the instructions as mentioned, there will be faster and better way of restoring your start menu all over again.

First take your mouse at the bottom of the desktop’s screen so that start menu can be displayed. As soon as you get a glance of start menu you should right click the mouse and there will be some pop up. You should now select properties in that pop up.

Now press the tab TaskBar and look for taskbar appearance. Under this you will be able to find auto hide task bar. You should press on that and see that the check has gone from that. Click on OK. Hey, and now, you will be able to see the start menu on your desktop.

Now since you have made certain changes, you need to save them.  For that you should restart your system.

Some people find it difficult to get access to taskbar. For them there is a simple way. You should select go to control panel and then select the taskbar. In short, you can say that there is solution for everything. If you know some simple steps you can really make your system work faster and better for you.

Many people who do not find solutions to such petty things feel frustrated. But one should not get frustrated rather it is important to find solutions. It is pretty simple to find out or place your start menu again and this is possible if you follow the above mentioned instructions. Not only this, there are guides that would solve so many problems like disabling windows update restart. Yes, when you find these guides and implement them, it is really going to be pretty simple to follow these guides and make your life and tasks simpler. Thus, rather than consulting your computer engineer you should follow this guide and take up the restoring or installation as required so that your windows work smoothly with your start menu.


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