It is worth noting that while you are using any operating system there will be some features that you will be able to use freely but in some cases, you may have to become a registered user. And when you take up registration you will be able to use all the features conveniently. If you have been using Microsoft Office 2010 then in that case you will need to register.

If you wish to use Office 2010 suites applications conveniently then it actually depends upon the distribution channels concerned. If you want to activate Microsoft Office 2010 then you may use Key Management Service or Multiple Activation Key.

But it is important to note that since there are many ways of activation and serial keys there will be lot of confusion among the people who have been using this package. But if you follow the instructions as given below then you will be easily able to verify your status with Microsoft Office 2010 as far as activation and installation channel is concerned.

First you will have to use the command prompt. And for this you need to open that prompt with the rights that you have. These rights are called as administrator rights.

You also need to alter directory. And this will help you in getting the folder that has Office 14. Anmd then you should type cd\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 14 and press the Enter key after that.

Remember, if installation of 32bit (x86) version of the Microsoft Office 2010 is on some other version of  windows operating system then there will be another command that you should use and that is cd \Program Files (x86)\ Microsoft Office\Office 14 .

After the above instructions are followed you should use another command line and type cscript ospp.vbs/dstatus .

After this there will be some information that will be displayed. See these lines having License Name and License Description. The name and description will give you an exact idea about your installation and activation status.

Here’s the information that will help you in interpreting the details and descriptions that you get.

When the license name describes your Microsoft Office 2010 edition as KMS_Client edition’ it means that is a KMS activation. And when the same has MAK edition it means that it is for MAK activation.

License descriptions will give you details about type of channel that is used in licensing.

If you see the text Licensed then it means that Microsoft Office 2010 is activated.

In this way, following the simple instructions as mentioned above, you will be able to find out detailed descriptions about Microsoft Office 2010 is activated and License Type. This information is vital as it will give you the activation as well as installation status. It will also give you information about various distribution channels and the channel to which the concerned Office 2010 belongs to.

You should not get confused as to how to find solutions to such small and petty problems. The above mentioned guide and instructions helps you in dealing with the situation.

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