How to Uninstall or Remove Directx on Windows Vista 7.

Microsoft DirectX is an awesome API package whose motive is to give you the best gaming experience or video playback. It has been developed to make the playback quality of the video better. Do you know, the computers using Diretx have been quite popular these days? This is because they are the best options to run any latest games that are released in the market. And mind well, you will be left with the best gaming experience ever.

But the working of this amazing Directx software may get hampered sometimes. Sometimes, the damage that is caused may break the files and thus, the experience that you get in any video playback won’t be to its fullest. In such a case, the bet decision would be to completely remove the software and then reinstall it again.

Most of the people use Add/Remove program tool so as to remove any software like Directx. But even if you use this way for removal of Directx on Windows Vista and 7, some part will remain behind. In such a case, you should get access to the keys of registry so that complete removal is possible. If you wish to learn the details of the same, you should follow the instructions as mentioned below:

Press Start and go to control panel.

Double click on Programs and Features.

Press Uninstall a Program.

Go through the list of applications.

Press on Microsoft Directx.

Select Uninstall.

Now, the removal process starts and as soon as it gets completed click on Finish.

Select Uninstall and the uninstalling process of Microsoft DirectX will start.

But mind well, still there are some traces of Microsoft Directx in the registry. Now, if you wish to completely remove the software, you should open Start menu and in the search box type regedit and then press enter.

With this, registry editor will open.

Now press F3 and click on Find.

In the box that is there for Find type, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\DirectX.

Now click on Find.

Right Click Directx key and press Delete.

You will be asked Yes or No. Select Yes. With this complete removal is confirmed.

Now, you may close the editor of registry.

With the above mentioned instructions, it will really be very simple to completely get rid of the damaged Directx program from the control panel as well as from the registry. Most of the people who know basic things about computer and add remove programs; remove the programs only from the control panel. But they do not understand the need to remove the programs from the registry too. And due to that, they face problems while reinstalling Directx program on their system. If you wish to reinstall the Directx software pack all over again, you need to get rid o the traces too. If you are having Windows 7 or Vista the above information will help you in understanding how to uninstall or completely remove Directx on Windows Vista or Windows 7. With this information lot of convenience can be added in the way you handle you hardware and software.

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