How To Remove My Web Search Toolbar From Internet Explorer ( IE ) And Firefox

How easy it would be to be able to use multiple Web Search Engines simultaneously? It will solve out many of the issues and will let you make use of the search engine to its maximum. My Web Search Tool Bar is such a gadget that can offer its users a great deal of comfort and easiness while browsing and searching on internet through Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Besides the common search engine like Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN or other, the My Web Search Tool Bar also offers and includes various other important tools such as a pop-up blocking tool, a cursor, some fantastic screensavers and many other customizable utilities and features. Anyone can use these extensively important features to personalize their personal computer system.

Irrespective of all these features and excellent utilities, some people prefer not to keep this tool bar on their computer. Some people try to uninstall or remove this toolbar from their PC. If you do not want a software on your computer and still it persists to remain on your computer, than it is no more than a bug, a malware and in such situation it is necessary to remove it. So how will you remove it when you have no idea about how to remove it?

My Web Search Tool Bar automatically gets installed on your computer. It doesn’t demand or require your approval and that is why some or most of the anti-spyware and anti-malwares consider My Web Search Tool Bar as a low-risk software application that may cause further issues and problems. It is not very difficult to remove and uninstall My Web Search Tool Bar from your computer.

So, in case you are fed up with the My Web Search Tool Bar and want to get rid of it from your Internet Explorer or Firefox, you can do so by following these following instructions in an easy manner.

The first step is to close all opened web browsers. You cannot remove software, if it is still in use. Thus, it is necessary to close down all web browsers before removing it.

After closing down all open browsers, press the Windows ‘Start’ Button.

You will have to go to Start Menu from the Window Start Button and will have to select the Control Panel.

From Control Panel, select ‘Programs and then click on the ‘Programs and Features’, a list of all programs and features available on your computer will come up.

Find the ‘My Web Search Bar’ program in that list of all programs and features available on your computer. Click on the ‘My Web Search Bar’ on that List and you will have to choose a choice in between Uninstall or Change settings

Choose the Uninstall Button and select it.

After Selecting the Uninstall Button, you will have to confirm that you need to uninstall ‘My Web Search Bar’ from your computer. Press ‘Yes’ to confirm it.

The activity for Uninstalling ‘My Web Search Bar’ will proceed, wait till it completes.

Once the ‘My Web Search Bar’ Uninstall program finishes, click on ‘Finish’

After completing this whole easy exercise, you will be needed to reboot your system. Without rebooting, the My Web Search Tool Bar cannot be completely removed from your computer.

For rebooting, you will have to shut down and restart your computer.

After the successful completion of the aforementioned steps, when you will restart your computer, you will find that your computer is free of My Web Search Tool Bar.

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