How To Uninstall / Remove AntivirusGT Virus

There are many false anti-malware applications that can attack your computer. These false online anti-virus scanning tools prompt you to install on your computer. Whenever you browse through search engines and reach malicious web sites, they start suggesting you that your computer is suffering through viruses and you need a virus scan and the software if downloaded will help you remove the issues. In general, you get trapped in the illusion and download that malware.

AntivirusGT is a similar false anti-malware, anti-virus that uses false online virus scanning tools. Once installed on your computer, it starts disturbing you.

In such cases, you will try to remove or uninstall such malwares like AntivirusGT from your computer. The following steps will help you:

1) Save the following instructions on another computer or print them out.

2) Download, it removes all the malicious software.

3) Double click the icon and it will start removing the AntivirusGT along with many other malwares that are present on your computer. The scanning process may prove to be longer, once the Rkill scans your computer well, the black screen will close itself and you will be able to proceed for next step. When you open up computer, the AntivirusGT will send many warning and say that Rkill is a virus. Do not panic, AntivirusGT doesn’t like to be terminated so it tries to save itself by creating rumours against Rkill, how cheap AntivirusGT is. Rkill has already begun to act against the AntivirusGT and is killing it to remove it. Leave all those screens as it is until Rkill wins the battle against AntivirusGT. In most of the cases, Rkill ably kills and removes AntivirusGT. In case our hero Rkill fails to remove AntivirusGT the mean villain, you can try to introduce new side heroes and stunt masters like eXplorer.exe or iExplorer.exe. Do not Reboot the system even if it asks you to restart the computer.

4) After the last step, you will be needed to download Malwarebytes’ which is a true and trustworthy. Save it on your desktop.

5) You will have to double-click the mbam-setup.exe so that the Malwarebytes may start installing itself on your computer.

6) After starting the installer, do not change any default setting and continue installing the Malwarebytes as it is in default state. Check the Update Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and the Launch Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware boxes to get regular and timely updates. Now you can confirm finish button. In case it says that you should reboot, ignore it, you should not reboot the computer at present.

7) After installation, Malwarebytes AntiMalware will start. It will ask you to update it, do it, it is for your own benefit.

8) After updating, check the scanner menu, choose for full scan and let the MBAM scan your computer. It will start the hunt of AntivirusGT.

9) After complete scanning click on finish.

10) Go to scanner tab and click Show Results.

11) If AntivirusGT was not removed by the initial hero Rkill, it will appear on the Scanned list by MBAM. Opt for removing the AntivirusGT. Now you will have to restart the computer. Reboot it now.

12) When you will start the computer, you will find that the MBAM has successfully removed the AntivirusGT to declare itself the real hero of the mega software and malware fight.


Close MBAM after the AntivirusGT is completely removed.

It is imperative to get rid of the virus from PC system as it might affect the confidential data by making it public or it might totally affect the PC file system too. It is highly recommended to seek professional solutions for a SME set up. The virus files might affect the overall PC’s performance too and cause user dissatisfaction in no time at all. The mentioned steps can provide remarkable recovery and seamless service support to one and all while they are trying to deal with the virus attack on their PC systems on the go in a professional way. These are easy to follow steps which can ensure that the security is sustained at all times without any hassles whatsoever. The business managers and individuals can easily ascertain that their information is securely managed at all times. Get going and benefit from these solutions for maintaining stakeholder delight even in the testing times. Millions of smarter customers across the globe have utilized these services to the best of their advantage without any hassles whatsoever. These solutions can ensure in the management supreme PC health.


  • Being tired of catching virus’s…I bought a Mac, problem solved.

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