How To Remove BlockKeeper Virus

The Block Keeper virus is one of the most intriguing viruses that can adversely affect the PC machines in just about no time at all. It is a pseudo anti malware that offers falsified error messages to the end users. It prompts for an action from user’s end viz. often on the guidelines of purchasing the full version of the software. The end users who have already purchased the full version of the falsified virus should reverse their payments without any concerns.

The Block Keeper virus can multiply its entries in the PC machine and affect the overall usability in just about no time at all. One can easily part with the Block Keeper virus within no time at all. The virus can be removed even by the layman following simple to use instructions. The malicious virus can spread through the entire meshed network within no time too. The end user’s instructions and information is shared by third party sources by the Block Keeper virus. Therefore, one should act in a methodical manner and ensure to get the virus completely removed from their PC systems at all times without any constraints or hassles whatsoever at all times on the go.

In order to completely remove the virus infection from the PC machine the following steps should be chosen by the end users:

  1. The end user should first take the print out of this mini help guide for their easy reference. They can refer back to the instructions and procedural steps whenever required.
  2. The Block Keeper virus could have disabled the download feature on the infected host machine. Therefore, the users should keep DVD/CD or USB devices handy with themselves. So that they can download the set up files in these and then transfer these back on to the infected PC machines in just about no time at all.
  3. The Rkill application should now be installed on the infected host machine in order to terminate all processes pertaining to Block Keeper Virus. All other malicious entries from the PC would be terminated too.
  4. However, in order to permanently remove the virus infection, Malware Bytes – Anti malware software should be installed on the infected host machines.
  5. The end users should trigger comprehensive PC scan through Malware Bytes.
  6. The quarantined results can be seen by the end users as they press the Show Results menu tab from their UI screens.


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