How to Fix Application Error 0xc0000142

Windows platform has plethora of errors and exceptions that should be fixed from time and again. Usually, these errors are aftermath of a virus attack or improper installation of the products on the PC. In order to easily manage these errors one should leverage from free registry optimizer scan to check the erroneous entries at all times without any hassles whatsoever on the go at all times.

The Error code 0xc0000142 highlights that the DLL file is unable to execute itself under the normal conditions as some of the parts of fragments are missing from the PC system. These can be easily addressed by the users if they are aware of right hot fixes and other security patches for the product. In fact one can seamlessly ensure to get rid of these errors from their machines if they first ensure to check their system integrity with free registry optimizer at all times in a streamlined way. In order to successfully fix the application error one should follow the simple to use steps as follows:

  1. Ensure to take a print handy for this mini help source so that you can always reference when you are lost or wish to confirm the steps with a quick look.
  2. The system’s integrity should be checked thoroughly with a reliable antivirus solution at all times. This can provide handy actionable user information to one and all in a streamlined way.
  3. After users are sure that the prime concern is only Error code 0xc0000142 they should download the apt security patch from Microsoft’s website and install the service from there on.
  4. In order to get best results, users should restart their PC machines so that the hot fix can better proliferate all parts of registered programs in a seamless manner without any constraints whatsoever.


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