How To Remove Antivirus Live Virus

A PC user’s experience can dip down to manifolds if his or her’s files and application components are under virus attack. Within no time their system’s can be under siege and overall PC performance too will come down drastically. Antivirus Live virus is one such pseudo antivirus service that should be completely removed from the PC consoles of the end users. The virus can have serious and negative implications on a meshed and unsecured network. Within no time infection from one console can spread to other connected PC’s in a typical LAN set up. The virus might shoot up the resource usage by the installed programs and in turn cause user distress in just about no time at all. The falsified error messages might seek the users to pay for availing the full version of the software. However, users should beware from all such pseudo and malicious scripts. They can easily remove these harmful virus threats from their PC consoles and meshed network set ups in just about no time at all. SME and large organisation set ups can be deeply demented if the virus corrupts vital information and application files on their PC systems. Therefore, they must ensure to scan their PC’s from time and again in order to ascertain the integrity of installed components at all times.

In order to completely remove Antivirus Live from the PC machines the following simple steps should be followed by the end users:

  1. The end users should take a print of this help guide handy in order to use as a ready reference model as and when required.
  2. The Antivirus Live could have disabled the download feature on your PC. In order to proceed as a work around the end users should keep USB or CD’s handy. They can download the virus removing tools on to these and install to infected machines by connecting these on the go in no time at all.
  3. The next step is to end all processes pertaining to Antivirus Live virus. This can be done with the help of Rkill application. It should be made to run on the infected PC. It will stop all malicious entries from getting executed. However, in order to permanently remove the virus entries from PC the end users should download Malware Bytes Anti malware solution from its official source.
  4. It should then be installed on the PC and complete scanning should be triggered from the user interface of Malware Bytes Anti malware software solution.
  5. The end user can now be sure of have removed the infected entries from their PC machine. They can even view the results of quarantined files by selecting Show Results from the user interface screen.


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