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alan turing test

Did you know that there are no voice recordings of computer pioneer Alan Turing, or of hovercraft inventor Christopher Cockerell? You think someone would have shoved a microphone in the face of Nobel laureate AV Hill at some point, but no – these scientists, in fact, 30 major British scientists – including 9 Nobel winners [...more]

Mar 02 2010
By Asterios Kokkinos

Swanky Roman Army Knife Beats Swiss By 1,800 Years

It might not have the pretty red handle or the Swiss Cross, but this Roman army knife did the trick for one rich traveler at the height of the empire. The silver gadget included a knife, spoon, fork, spatula, a toothpick and a retractable spike — thought to be used to harvest yummy snails from [...more]


Feb 03 2010
By Nick Upton